Very powerful words from motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, as he speaks as to young college students at Michigan State University about having a desire for success. Order your copy of The Secret to Success now! Check Eric Thomas at

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Secrets to Success Part 1:

Secrets to Success Part 2:

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  • [..YouTube..] your full of shit mate!!!

  • Greetings, I truly apprecitate your insights on becoming a inspirational speaker. I read loads of blogs inside the industry but, I’ve to say the majority are garbage. It’s nice to see that your able to write something of value on this subject. As I’m certain you know there is many so known as motivational speakers “experts” but, I actually wish more folks took this seriously because, becoming key note speakers truely does effect peoples lives and has a massive impact on how they feel. believe how someone feels on the inside is the most vital factor in life extra so than cash or fame.

  • A motivational speaker has talent to inspire and encourage people to succeed. A motivational speaker has helped bring great improvement to people through his speaking. I also heard International Motivational Speaker Kevin Kelley’s speech. He is highly skilled at motivating others through public speaking.

  • zach


    Are you serious right now? damn some people dont wana have success.

  • to each his own, i suppose…

  • do u have a video from kevin kelley that you think i should see?

  • agreed!