Messiahbolical, Dukus, and B. Nyce going HARD on this Monster Remix. Shouts to Kanye for this dope ass beat! Track also featured on — This track is featured on Fashionably Late (BPT). Get your copy today!



@Messiahbolical –

  • [..YouTube..] Dukus Dukus Dukus Dukus….omg!!!!!!

  • [..YouTube..] tight ass remix bro i like d flow!!. can u check out my remix version of this track on my page plz comment/rate it man an if u subscribe me ill sub u jus let me know bro

  • [..YouTube..] …..Loving this remix…Dukus is just ridiculous!!…” when I look down u see me peeing from above ” & his last bars are too much….that had me laughing for ageesss!!! Messiahbolical is crazy, Bnyce sounds intelligent!!!…..”KIK” lmaooooo

  • [..YouTube..] Woop woop! B. Nyce is da deals!!!!!!

  • [..YouTube..] All i can say is i <3 this shit!! B.Nyce is 2 real!!!