Monday Rundown: A Brief History of Nike’s Roshe Run


Since 2012, Nike has once again worked it’s magic through the solid and continued success of the Roche Run line. The super minimal sneaker made waves in the industry through it’s simple design and endless colorways. Even here at The Nation, we’ve caught Roche fever and have a couple custom pairs in the works.

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The Roche, inspired by the title given to a zen master (Rochi) was designed by Nike’s Dylan Raasch. From the outside, the shoes look   I’m not completely sold on the functionality of the sneaker, simply because of how unsupported the uppers are. Though available with suede, the most common versions of the shoe have uppers made of nothing more than basketball short material. This is a bit disappointing, even at the typical $70 price point, as there are hundreds of more durable shoes for the money. However, the hype is definitely in the design.

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Once your foot is in the shoe, they almost come alive and shape perfectly to your foot. The nylon weave uppers are definitely lightweight and breathable, allowing the shoes to be comfortable worn with our without socks. Hands down they’re some of the cleanest sneakers I’ve seen in a while, but definitely a pair I wouldn’t rock beyond casual occasions. For more on the history of the Roche Run, you can check out HowToMakeIt’s interview with Dylan Raasch here.

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Below we’re including a gallery of our picks for standout Roches. We’ll be back with an inside look at our custom designed Roches in the near future. You can customize your own Roche’s at Nike ID, but unless you’re a die hard fan, these shoes aren’t really worth more than $50. Sorry Nike, just keeping it real.


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