Yao. So I’m streaming the sophomore mixtape from West Egg’s Spray Lodge, Accept The Unaccepted, with production from Gatsby, TheCratez, Gorillionaire and The Unbeatables. Even though I enjoy Gatsby’s music (West Egg’s flagship artist), I was skeptical when I started listening to Lodge’s tape, like any other artist of whom I have not previously heard. This package is on point, though. The beats are vibin and his flow is nanners. Type of vibe that makes you want to just nod your head and absorb all the knowledge he’s kickin. First four tracks had me sold. Track 5 – “F ck You Mean” – was dope, but had me a little iffy; it grew on me as the song continued. Dude seems to run on in the tracks, but at the same time, it’s vibin. Moving along… I skipped “My Script” halfway through. I get it, but it just wasn’t movin me like that. Last time I mentioned tracks I skipped in a mixtape review, niccas went in on me like they never skipped a track in their life. It’s all good though, cuz I’m just being honest; so y’all can bite me, cuz I ain’t got time for people being butt-hurt over my opinion. There’s a million other blogs who will just front and say they love everything you do. Anyway, the title track, “Accept The Unaccepted” is dope… might be my favorite so far… excpet for the intro. I like that these tracks are all stories, in a way. Nothing seems fabricated. I skipped “The Look of Infatuation” and didn’t really prefer “BitterSweet Insomnia”. The “Testify Remix” drew me in, with the only feature on the project from J Remy. Plus it’s got the homage to Gatsby’s theredtape, which was a dope mixtape. The beat on the Outro is dope, but I didn’t love the whole track.

Overall, the mixing and production on this project is great. I found myself tuning out and just vibing with Lodge’s cadence, so I’ll put my stamp on it. On behalf of CLPNation.com, I recommend you listen to Spray Lodge’s Accept The Unaccepted. West Egg Illuminati in the building.

They say that you trash, but when you die, your song is a classic.

Twitter: @SprayLodge