Sofa Gun: The Sequel is here, and as promised, is going to give you the inside of this project. MPulse has been a regular name across the pages of this site, and with good reason. His music has continually met the quality standards that we pride ourselves on delivering to our listeners and viewers alike. The Sofa Gun shows that MPulse is serious about his craft. Each track is used as a way to prove to the listener, that he’s legit. The instrumentals carry his vocals nicely and bring these tracks together seamlessly. Mpulse seems to rap with an extra large chip on his shoulder, but after a few minutes of jamming this, it’s easy to like this dude’s message. He dismisses the haters and doubters on almost every record, which screams volume in regards to his drive and ambition. I’ve listen to this album a few times over, trying to pick it apart of course, and it is solid through and through. I may have mentioned this in a few prior articles regarding his music, but MPulse is easy to listen to. This is an album that can definitely be thrown on and run back a few times, especially if you’re in need of that extra boost of motivation needed to help you make the next move in your life.  I’m excited to see what kind of response this record gets. If you’re feeling it, let us know. If you’re digging it even more, share and enjoy it. This is honest music, hands down. I’ll be including a list of my favorite tracks, if you’re the type that just needs their meat and potatoes first. Also, a free download of this album is available below. Shouts to Don Cannon for hosting this dope project. Awesome to see a DJ actually trying to break artists, and support good music. Respect!

Highlight Tracks:

  • Who I Am (BulletProof)
  • Scratch The Surface
  • Had A Dollar
  • Loafin
  • Blaow Ft. Clark Airlines, Mic Terror & Lungz

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