UPDATE: The mixtape has been released. Listen to Flight 88 here.

Burnright, here. I was blessed with a chance to fly with Kb Da Boss and All My Homies on Flight 88 a couple weeks before the rest of the world could. I’m impressed! Flight 88 begins with some great inspiration, which, if you let it, will immediately make your whole day better before you even hear the rest of the tape.

kb da boss flight 88

This project is far from punch-line rap; it’s really just straight forward hip-hop. Kb’s got plans, dreams and goals and isn’t afraid to express it. Flight 88’s flight plan undoubtedly leads to the proverbial “top,” where Kb would easily shine with these industry ready tracks that I know people (especially women) would be drawn too. I took some notes as I listened through, but I don’t want to go too far in detail into each track. I want you to form your own opinion when you listen to the tape.

Women would most definitely gravitate towards this project as Kb seems to talk directly to the ladies on a lot of the tracks. On that note, there were about 5/20 tracks I skipped; I thought some of the content was a bit redundant. In my humble and honest opinion, the project would be just fine without those tracks. It didn’t take away from the project as a whole, though. There are a good chunk of tracks I can actually say I enjoyed, some that were just OK, and then of course the few I skipped.

kb da boss white straight forward bulls glasses grey jacket fingers gun head The features on the project are on point. The singers are great, and the rappers did what they do. J. Gatez, John Q and Sucoo stood out the most to me in that regard. Nothing against the female-directed tracks, but I was so happy when I got to track 5, “Everyday.” It was just diverse enough to have kept me listening, even if I wasn’t doing a review. “Sometimes I” and “Til It’s Gone” are great songs and we posted those videos a while back; I’ll attach them below just in case you’re too damn lazy to click those links I just made.

The production on this is quite nice, actually; the beats are very well-produced. A lot of pads and airy synths on top of clean 808’s – that’s the recipe for the most part. The instrumentation will definitely keep your head on tilt. Kb and All My Homies definitely know how to navigate around these beats to complement their voices/styles and make full, memorable songs. The few beats that I didn’t like were a big part of the reason tracks that got skipped.

Overall I think you will be satisfied with your decision to listen to Flight 88. Kb, take no offense when I say this tape is Sure: Strong enough for a man, made for a woman. Once all the chicks pick up on this, you already know dudes will come out of the wood works to find out who All My Homies are. Once they do, they’ll be happy they jumped on the bandwagon. Thank you for the opportunity to review Flight 88 before its release.

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Check out the videos for “Sometimes I” and “Til It’s Gone:”