Alright, so it’s been some time since the talks were swirling around Mackey Emannuel and his most recent decision to leave his former label. Names and fingers pointed aren’t necessary because regardless of your views on the situation, the fact still remains that Mackey Emannuel is nice on the bars. In The Mean Time is an honest perspective on the life Mackey calls his own. At 19, his lyrics speak to that of his old soul. The instrumental selections were on point and kept the entire tape flowing smoothly. Additionally, Mackey regularly shares his wisdom with listeners in the form of short quips speckled throughout the records. The tape is very mellow and easy to follow. I was hoping for a few more upbeat records…not necessarily club bangers, but some face to scrunch my face up to. Howver, this won’t stop us from giving this mixtape the seal of approval. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for Mackey, and the music he’s going to bless us with. I’m proud to have met Mackey out on the show circuit, and we at CLP Nation have nothing but love for his movement. A free stream and download of the tape is available below. Don’t thank us…thank Mackey and all the other artists who are passionate and talented at their craft. Visit daily for our take on the best new music, videos and creative works from the most talented minds. Share and enjoy, and don’t forget that if In The Mean Time is doing and saying it for you…tell a friend…and your mom!

Must Listen Tracks:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Just Another Verse
  • The Vent


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