Wow. If you’ve made it this far to this post, stop! Scroll down and listen to Flux (track 3) of this mixtape. For real though, don’t read any more of this. Listen to Flux. I made it super easy for you too:


Ok, now that you’re in as much amazement as I was when I heard that record, do yourself a favor and give Moe’s mixtape a fair shake from front to back. This tape came through our submissions pipeline. I wasn’t loving the cover art, so naturally my mood changed regarding the quality of music. I presumed it would just be another street level tape, with street level lyrics, and nothing beyond that. I was pleasantly surprised and I’m super glad I didn’t sleep on Is Anybody Listening? 3. Moe reps the NOLA, and was ironically born in the same hospital Wayne was born…but I think Wayne just recently stepped on the U.S. flag…so forget that dude; he’s a clown. The production on this tape is superb, and I was able to listen to the entire tape in one shot. I’m actually running it back for a second time as we speak. This one is a solid find and I’m proud to bring it to you all.! We are the Nation! Share and enjoy!

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