After working with talent like Unphaidabul Records’ own Cano J Bond, I was suprised to find out that the CEO was also a beast on the mic. When I first heard Big D he had Michael Jo’Mae and the homie Jack Fletcher help him out on a track Show Ya Off; I loved it. Then he hit me with Side Bitch and that was it, I been a fan since then. Even his old stuff still raw. With all that being said, I haven’t even heard Scripturez of a Gangsta yet. But all that I just mentioned should let you know why I don’t have to hear it first to know it will be bangin. With features from Michael Jo’Mae, Soulsnatcher, Mighty Jai, Cano J Bond, J.F. and Yatamaticc; and production from KZR Beatz, Trak Starz Beats, C.Louis, Stand Out Musik & Vic Jones Beats. Enjoy.