This dude definitely a standout in my mind. Definitely enjoyed this Monster joint. Know you seen the movies, they be running I be walking, Imagine how fast I’d be if I be if I was jogging….Imma real street fighter call me Blanka!. Shout out to Micky, you did your thing for sure. It was one of the freshest Monster freestyles I’ve heard thus far. I also liked how he stuck completely on topic throughout the entire record. Good shit!

Imma do my best to keep up with Micky Munday, and as soon as he drops some more heat, I’ll be sure to post it! I took some time to peep his tape: Temporary Insanity and it was solid from start to finish. Production was on point and I was honestly inclined to sit and listen through all the tracks. Definitely feeling this dude and my favorite track was “Get out of My Way”. B. Nyce and I will be will be back soon with a full review. Till then, enjoy and…as the love!