One of the first iterations of our recording studio, was built in Gainesville, Florida about 7 years ago. It was a beauty, and set us on this dope journey towards musical greatness and such. We were able to start working and record many dope artists. Some…many…artists were wack…but we were too, so it was cool. Mallz, was one of those not wack rappers. I vividly remember him being several cuts above the rest, as recording with him was a breeze. He, from what I recall, was one of the few artists who actually one took their verses, versus punching in like a vagina. Like that huh? I digress.

Fast forward almost a decade, and it’s super dope to still see Mallz killing the mic. His style has been classically refined, which makes his music easy to listen to. It doesn’t take more than a verse to really appreciate both his flow and lyrical abilities.

That, brings us to this That’s How It Is record by Mallz. I had just wrapped up some office work, and was browsing through some nightly submissions, and I saw the name Mallz, almost from the corner of my eye. I literally said to myself:

“Maaaaaaaan, I’m not listening to shit with the name Mallz on it unless it’s J Mallz from Gainesville. Straight like that. Bop! Bop! Bop!”

The “straight like that…” … that part was made up. However, I was dead set in ignoring any record that literally wasn’t from this Mallz. Luckily for you and me… it was the Mallz I had worked with. As so onto… though-est have’th a full circle, and the rest is for you to share and enjoy! Magic! Visit daily for our take on the best creative works across the Internets.

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After a nearly two year hiatus, Mallz (@mallz) is back with a new album, titled “Hustler Of Culture” – produced entirely by JMProductions (@NoNDescript757 and @JMPro757) out of Virginia. The anticipated first single, “That’s How It Is” features the NC emcee at his best over neck snapping production. Download this offering for free and get ready for “Hustler Of Culture”, coming October 2014.