I’ve been away for a while so I figured the best way to jump out of the bushes on that ass, is with some blasphemous perspective. Where shall I begin? I suppose for starters, I should thank the hosts of The Breakfast Club for securing probably their best interview of the year. Seriously.  As nice as it must be to get some perspective on your favorite artists, at the end of the day they’re all just trying to expand their fan base and shove their product into our minds or down our throats, whichever is easier.

When we cross over to the world of high dollar pharmaceuticals, especially those that hold the key to the treatment AIDS/HIV and such, we have to step back and realize, that a fan base, turns into the prescribed, which usually then further dissects into the haves and have-nots.

Queue Martin Shkreli.

Per the interview, he asserts that he’s one of us. A product of the hood, born of the people, raised of the people and still for the people, all whilst amassing a small fortune, and a boatload of rich people problems, such as securities fraud. Martin Shkreli is better known for the development, pricing and resale of a drug known to help in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. A drug that could be priced at approximately $18/pill, but under his control has skyrocketed to approximately $750/pill. A price gauge that instantly deemed him the most “evil” man of 2015/ in the whole world. Upon further examination, particularly by Charlemagne Tha God, there seemed to be some reasonable arguments put forth by Shkreli to once again clarify a cleverly twisted story by our great American media.

However, while this interview was pretty well executed, I do have to give Charlemagne, a CLP Donkey of the Day for constantly trying to exasperate the absolutely pointless feud between Martin and the Ghostface Killah. Seriously? The guy comes on your show and brings forth the facts on the injustices of Bobby Shmurda’s arrest and detainment…a problem that plagues not only the “black community” but America as a whole…and the best closing lines you have for him are to beat him up about what he is and is not doing to contribute to #blacklivesmatter? Really?

You see folks….the same American media that twist the Shkreli story…along with every other story that we’re bombarded with on a daily basis…creates the desire for media personalities like Charlemagne. Yes while, seemingly harmless and often funny, this was one of those interviews where he/they were supposed to hit people with the truth and nothing but the truth and leave opinion out of it, especially since I would presume…rubbing shoulders with folks at Bridger Capital doesn’t and shouldn’t put you too far away in social status from the likes of Shkreli.

Now, dare I say I could care less about Wu Tang…their $2 million dollar album…that no one gets to hear…and Ghostface Killah, who I highly doubt is a “god” when it comes to rap. Just YouTubed a few of his songs…and they’re terrible. There, I said it! I’m sorry why such the high pedestal for one: Ghostface Killah? Fast forward and I could care less about another pantomimed “beef” when the guest of the show got a chance to explain that people without health insurance get his $750/pill treatment for free. Yes for free.

As it hangs in the balance of my interest…progress in the fight against AIDS will always trump the Wu-Tang Clan and their affiliates. I’m not more of a fan of either Wu-Tang or Martin Shkreli after this interview than before it, but I do feel like I gained more insight from what Martin shared with the audience, versus the asinine questions and remarks made by Charlemagne. Guess I’m in my feelings.

Enjoy the interview, but try to enjoy it as objectively as possible. When it’s done and your judgments have passed, then ask yourself what you’re doing for #blacklivesmatter……or any other mainstream agenda you are tricked into aligning with.

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