I love the excitement the humble Kendrick Lamar brings to the game. The man has captivated everyone and it’s well deserved. I see more people GOAT-ing kDot with every passing minute. I see people saying his new album changed their life. I see people entranced by the lore and theories. Most of all I see people appreciating the syncopated complexities; whether or not they really understand is a different question. Yet still it’s a great day for music. While I agree with Jay that you can’t necessarily dub an album a classic on day one, I still jumped on the Kung Fu Kenny wave late last night just to get my feet wet and at least came out with a definitive first run-through favorite. Some people may have had the time to fully digest DAMN. but I fell into the deep abyss that is “ELEMENT.”

Fake my death and go to Cuba, that’s the only option.

First off big up to Bekon, James Blake, Ricci Riera, Sounwave & Tae Beast on production. We are producers first and as such I think that forces me to gravitate towards inconceivably evolving sound beds; don’t you think it forces lucid verses from an artist? I think instrumentation like this bend an emcee’s mind and challenge them to explore uncharted brain space. One thing I have learned from hunting for my own favorite music is that a good song is simply one that you don’t want to stop playing. Burn up and catch the groove: