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Yes, Madonna is really 56 years old. However, for approximately most of my life she’s looked the same…or at least since the infamous kiss she shared with Brittney Spears at the 2003 VMA’s. Either way, in her own attempt to break or at least tamper with the internet, she’s teamed up with David Blaine and Interview Magazine for her latest photoshoot. Warning! This shoot may or may not feature Madonna’s nipples and breasts. You’re welcome. The shoot is chalked full of crazy symbolism that would have any conspiracy theorists up in arms with the Illuminati imagery. Does Madonna still have it, or does she need to hang em up? We’re not complaining. Share and enjoy!

View the full shoot below, and be sure to visit CLPNation.com daily as we curate only the best creative works from across the internet. I’m only mildly terrified of the snakes she’s holding. Not that you care, but you can check out her full interview over at Interview Magazine, of course.

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Via Interview Magazine

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