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Here are 9 pictures from Kim Kardashian West’s GQ Cover. We haven’t done much on fashion in a while…and while this isn’t really fashion…I’m sure the internet will be swirling looking for these shots…so here they are. I HATE YOU. This is actually, aesthetically…and technically a good shoot…but I still HATE YOU.

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kim-kardashian-gq-sex-04 kim-kardashian-gq-sex-05 kim-kardashian-gq-sex-06 kim-kardashian-gq-sex-07 kim-kardashian-gq-sex-08 kim-kardashian-gq-sex-09 kim-kardashian-west-GQ-cover-sex-001 kim-kardashian-west-GQ-cover-sex-002-542x640 kim-kardashian-west-GQ-cover-sex-003-471x640

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