Yeeeer! Don’t sleep on this right here… some clear-cut gems from a man named Allen Snow all over some soulful stems. The St. Petersburg emcee reminds the world that we aren’t all in the street strapped, trapped and ready to blow; there are still a hopeful few representing the Black Burbans out here. My first time seeing Snow live, I was admittedly thrown off and did not expect the dope artistry I have come to respect from the young, particularly-dressed wordsmith… but the kid’s got soul. The Blanc album comes across as something of a free sample. With only 3 tracks breaking the 2-minute mark, we are truly offered a taste test of what is to come in the future. Though each track is short, the production is engaging and I’m sure you will be upset when you find out you can’t hear any more of one particular song unless you rewind. With a minimalist-yet-efficient approach to album creation, Blanc ensures the listener never gets bored while Snow offers a few lessons, should you be willing to learn.

My favorites? Off the top: “Devil’s Cabbage” and “Lil Ty.”