It was just yesterday that the world was in up in arms over Nicki using Malcom-X’s likeness to promote her recent video. I’m sure she doesn’t care too much, what with all the free promo from the news media outlets that love to create and ride the hottest race issues. I hope people are satisfied, now that she has apologized. Let me chill before I forget why I started this post: Trey Songz dropped “Look @ Y’all”, a remix of Nicki’s controversial release; but he dropped it under the moniker… Trigga? “Why,” you ask? For some weird reason that I refuse to research or care much for. I thought Trey Songz was cool enough. He went in though, regardless of the corniness. Hey, some people probably think my name is stupid. (No they don’t).

Twitter: @TreySongz

via MissInfo