Per Lex One:

Just a quick track I did a few years back. Found it digging for files. The beat is the end part of a Childish Gambino & RZA Track that I just looped and did my thing. The Image used is from a visit to Puerto Rico by John F Kennedy. Looking back, when I wrote this track I kinda felt like Kennedy in a way in the sense that I felt that I had a vision that just wasn’t connecting to people. What better way to get some shit off your chest then just spit…

Per MDofCLP:

Why is this record only 1:31? Here’s another banger (despite the original date) that still is welcomed with open arms to the Nation. Lex delivers firm bars for a minute and a half over a Childish Gambino & RZA loop. The rest is really for you to share and enjoy. I dare you to not rewind this one. Shout outs to GTPS!

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