The hype has passed right on schedule. Drake & Future succeeded in breaking the internet with their joint effort mixtape: What A Time To Be Alive . The mixtape sold over 300K copies in it’s first week, has already charted on Billboard’s Top 200 and still sounds BUFU (it’s a real thing). Let’s be honest people…the streets have spoken, and the tape was a disappointment.

The planets were aligned perfectly for this project to be very good. Drake, as we all know, has been on fire for the majority of this year…and the only other artist commanding any other legitimate attention was Future. I couldn’t tell you exactly at what time I knew this thing was going to crumble under its own weight, but it was probably around the time some internet blog writer clowns started comparing #WATTBA to #WTT. Seriously? Watch The Thrown was a very good project, which helped stabilize hip-hop for the summer of 2011. It was so easily absorbed, appreciated and played out by the masses…but you couldn’t be mad because the masses were listening to Kanye and Jay. Who could be mad with that?

The biggest problem with #WATTBA, was that Future, really couldn’t keep up with Drake on this one. Future in fact, with no disrespect, isn’t even the same caliber artist that Drake is, thus resulting in the overcompensation of an initially unbalanced project. Even when Drake tired to match and play off of Future’s style…it felt forced and not fun. Behold…my thoughts!

With Watch The Thrown, the listener got consistent dosages of both Kanye and Jay Z with no debates left as to whether either of them were great artists. Naturally in the case of #WATTBA, Drake, like it or not has already etched his name into the history books. His body of work, like it or not, has been consistently dominant and ahead of the curve. Future however, again with no disrespect, is a really fun artist, but still very hit or miss.

Where was this Future (Never Gon Lose) on #WATTBA? Never gon Lose is one of Futures hardest records of all time! Hands down, no questions:

future comment

So, the intro (Digital Dash). while not terrible, wasn’t anything close to what I was expecting. Listen all the way through, just in case you like to see how the project takes off into Big Rings.

Big Rings seemed promising….until Future gets on the record. Skip.

Live from the Gutter, should have been called Live from No Imagination…as we discuss more rap star normalities…over a rather overly normal beat. Skip.

Diamonds Dancing, would have been an awesome record…the close out this album. Loved the beat breakdown (very Thank Me Later-esque). Listen.

Scholarships and Plastic Bags….skip, because I’m 100% sure I wouldn’t miss anything amazing. Come back and check it out just to feel what it’s like to be right…priceless!

I’m The Plug…started off really tough, until the main melody sound came in….but I’m loving these drums, so I’ll stick around to see what Drake does with it. Skip to Drakes verse…yup…killed it. Skip.

Change Locations…not bad. I’ll let it ride while I go take a piss.

Jumpman….and Jersey….better have earth-shattering beats to save this entire project. They do not. Skip…and skip again.

I read somewhere that 30 for 30 was like a current Tuscan Leather. I will revise my sources. Yawn and skip.

As with all of our posts here at, we strive to praise exceptional works and be critical of those works we hold to a higher standard. I welcome the naysayers who feel I’ve missed the point of the mixtape…or had some false expectation of Future, because of something like “that’s not the type of rapper he is”. #WATTBA really isn’t even worth pirating. I know…I flexed on them. Sorry, it had to be done!

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