I told my people, after seeing this video, I would post it up and bash it…so here goes. Dammit Del Rey, fucking kidding me? Another montage video with these raggedy clips of God knows what going on in the background. Seriously…it’s bad enough you can’t perform live, your U.S. debut album was filled with records that had already been played out…and your career, despite having the backing of the most influential internet blogs, has pretty much flopped. We’ve seen this video before, i.e.:VIDEO GAMES! I’ve had it with these unimaginative ass artists who want to be do it your selfers. Fucking fuck…don’t you mother fuckers sit down and review this shit before you click the “upload to YouTube video”? Who green-lights this mess? Which idiot at Universal records or whatever label Del Rey has sold her soul too said, “this is it, great job everyone”? Seriously…there are a boatload of aspiring filmmakers who are regularly showing off their talents on YouTube and across the internet. I’m sure one of these people would be more that happy to shoot a video for artists for next to nothing and produce better results. The only thing missing is to swag this mess out with the label of “visuals” as to not confuse fans into thinking this is an official video. BONK! IDIOT! This is the official video and this is official mess. Share and enjoy :-)!


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