There are a variety of well-curated events that go down almost every week in the Tampa Bay area, from Downtown St Pete over the bridge to Downtown Tampa, Ybor and all up and thu there. IMHO, few are as enjoyable as anything King Knoxygen is a part of. In these troubling times, it’s amazing to feel so many high vibrations on one place. So leave the drama at home; the verdict is out and the people love him.

This coming weekend, Aug 23-26, we’ll be blessed with four in a row: We’ll see Bangarang on Thursday for WLCM2KNXVLL at The Bends; Friday, Cyhi the Prynce with Jroc Jones, HeyeYella, Dabron Kain, Local Muzik and more at Crowbar; Saturday, The Knox Show at Gaspar’s Grotto; topped off with Sunday’s Obknoxious DJ competition at Franklin Manor, which will feature four hand-picked, Obknoxious DJs competing for $1,500 and other prizes.

Thursday should be a great vibe as usual; the love always feels real at The Bends, from the stage in back to the patio out front. Saturday will be straight up party time at Gaspar’s, no whammies. Tip your bartenders and tip the DJ, too, as he will undoubtedly make sure you enjoy yourself. Though Sunday’s Grand Prize event is the coup de grace, with Tampa Bay’s own Jake Dela Cruz, Orlando’s DJ Philo, Rocket Jackson from New York and South Carolina’s DJ Rehab going head to head to secure the bag, I’m especially hype for Friday night’s shenanigans. The energy in the lineup is ridiculous. Obknoxious, even. It’s a set list you can gamble on and that’s precisely what I will be doing this whole weekend while sipping Heineken. Left Lane.

Do not sleep!!!! Cyhi is the real rap we need and he about to drop a GOOD 7 tracks. Get your tickets Now to see him at @crowbarybor, August 24! @obknoxiousweekend #Repost @1cyhitheprynce with @get_repost ・・・ Album on the way!!!! Do y’all think this verse should make the album?? #7 #goodmusic #ivystate #underdog #ghostrider FYI I’m not taking it light on these rappers no more and I understand the political climate so y’all going get a lot of my thought on everything right now as you can see I wantall the smoke. #party #partyweekend #fun #florida #summer #summerparty #goodtimes #obknoxiousweekend #obknoxiousdjfinals #obknoxious #openformatdj #party #goodtimes #tampa #tampabay #djcompetition #rap #rapper #bars #nomumblerap #nodopeonsundays #cyhitheprynce #hiphop #floridahiphop

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