Bruh. I was just minding my business, checking out some of the recent posts my dawg MD put up last night and this morning… as well as researching a few to post about myself. Lo and behold (you know… I like that phrase a lot) I came across this funny bit from All Def Digital. Inspired by my first-run-through favorite on DAMN., Patrick Cloud and Tahir Moore accreately detail the steps it would take to slap a pussy ass nigga, if you wanted said slap to look sexy. There’s not much else I can say about this clip except that if you’re a fan of the record then I’m sure you’ll get at least a chuckle out of this. If you hate it, though, we prepared the comment section just for you. Lastly… I’m kind of worried about dude he got hit hard af (Slap Slap!). Anyways, burn up and catch the vibe: