Whenever I link up with Charli Funk we throw on a few interviews and see what the why is with the who’s where’s and whatnot’s. We just caught this episode of Sway where Kevin Hart – who will receive the Comedic Genius Award at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards – was featured promoting his new film with Will Ferrell, “Get Hard.” During the show, Sway puts Hart on the spot about some comments made by Aries Spears & Mike Epps about Kevin Hart being a better marketer than he is a comedian.

Holy hate, batman! I want all the local artists and indie musicians that have ever wanted to make something of themselves to listen to this. He spells it out so clearly that we need to stop taking everything so personal! When someone steps to you talking about how they’d like to work with you, OF COURSE they see a benefit for themselves. OF COURSE they are hitting you up because of who you are and what you have attained. Just work out the details and get paid! Stop worrying about what you think they are trying to do! You should be more concerned about how YOU can benefit from all the people who are now approaching you!!! Too many times I’ve seen someone hesitant to expand their craft because they are always worrying about someone else’s motives. WHO CARES what someone will get out of working with you? The fact is, once you attain success, you will reach a position that warrants other people offering you money to share in some of that success. If you think you will just make it the whole way to the top without anyone’s help, then you are an idiot, and you have been listening to far too much Drake.

I just said all of that to say this: keep your eyes open for smart business moves. Adapt to your surroundings and stop complaining about the playing field. Pay attention to who you attract with your successes and failures, and use every feasible opportunity as a platform to compound your success and multiply your wins.