Admittedly I slept on this Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe record when it originally debuted. I was a bit frustrated with the hype that Kendrick Lamar’s debut album had received, mainly because I thought it was just an average album, with a few standout tracks, this record, not being on of them. However, around the same time that Young Guru leaked a preview of this record, my main man @AlecBurnright started crafting yet another ridiculously solid listening experience over this instrumental(should be dropping any day now). I loved his (@AlecBurnright) version. I do like the instrumental a’lot, and neither Kendrick or Jay disappointed me lyrically. I like it…but I don’t love it. Let me make it completely clear, that I’m not down playing any of Kendrick’s ability  or forward progress. There is a piece of me that wants Kendrick to be so much nicer than he is especially because I can’t help but feel that he has the great Dr. Dre in the wing of his career. If I’m hating…or being too critical, I’d love some insight. Share and enjoy! Visit daily for new music from the most creative indie and industry artists. Safe! The cover art is dope…but Kendrick isn’t Kobe….

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