Keeping It Real For The Ladies: RVCA – Spring 2014 Swim


I’ll keep this one short and sweet, but this post will have a little bit for all of our female readers. Warning: I’m about to keep it real!

Firstly, for all you gorgeous ladies, peep the Spring 2014 Swimwear line from RVCA (pronounced roo-kuh). The collection is as sexy and skimpy as it gets, but is sure to keep all eyes on you this summer if you’re beautiful (and brave) enough to slip into one of their pieces. Sexy girls check.

For those women, who currently can’t or don’t care to be able to prance around at your local beach or pool sporting this caliber of swimwear, no worries and no pressure. Even if you don’t believe in the exploitation of sexuality as a tool for consumerism, the stills from RVCA’s swimwear shoot are still dope enough and tasteful enough for you all to enjoy. No pressure. Self confident women check!

For ladies who can’t rock this RVCA swimwear, but would like to…use this as motivation or at least the start of your pursuit of attaining that irresistible beach body…and if you are having trouble…check out this article on increasing you vibrations. This should make whatever goal you’re aiming for, that much more attainable. Remember, do it because you want it for yourself, not because some shitty guy out there doesn’t think you’re up to his standards. Think It Happen!

For our male readers. You’re welcome! Check out the behind the scenes look, and full gallery below. Visit daily for our take on the best creative works, this side of the galaxy. In case you’re wondering…the record behind the scenes is called So High by Doja Cat. It’s pretty dope.

Ladies & Gents: Shop RVCA here.

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