The Young Troubled Minds’ entire vibe calls back so much nostalgia from the first album I ever owned. I was at my aunt’s house years back just being the nosey, inquisitive child I was. She saw me looking through the extensive CD collection in her dimly lit wall unit when she noticed that a particular insert caught my eye. She pulled it out of the cabinet and it was a wrap after that; Arrested Development’s 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life Of… was mine!

It’s so refreshing to feel the influences that are deeply embedded in art. But I digress. We’ve long been enjoying cuts from YTM’s 925 and Bellarose projects. It’s been some time since we caught up, but the Cleveland collective hasn’t slowed, still blessing our eyes and ears with that Space Heater Funk. The latest jam I took a liking to is titled “Stay Cool” and it is, indeed, a cold record. If you press play, it’s already too late. I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this 925 gem… no matter what kind of speakers it comes out of. Then you mix the creative audio with the well-blended, easy-flowing visuals and it just makes you feel good. Thank your water and catch the vibe: