Sitrep: November 2016 has been pretty trill. I’ve been very particular about the media I’ve been consuming on a daily basis and it’s paid dividends in light of recent events. What a time to be alive. Erick from Team Scene hit me up randomly with track 11, You The Best. This was a track that was birthed via a dope Summertime Sadness sample I snagged when Lana Del Rey was on top of the internet.  It was raw and filled with nothing short of hoop dreams. The upgraded version featured on Colours has since been overhauled by Vinny Alfano and Team Scene to reveal that we’ve started touching the rim.

Team Scene and Vinny Alfano have been on this road to glory as long as we have here at The journey has been sometimes a blur, sometimes a heartache but always unlimitedly rewarding for us all. Amidst the energy of a country in an emotional and spiritual whirlpool…in the middle of an ocean…in the middle of a bubble…which is also in more water, I spent the last few weeks feeling like I had reached some sort of checkpoint in life. It wasn’t a good or bad thing, just more so a realization of the here and now.

Less than 24 hours after I was leaked You The Best, Colours by Team Scene was released. I’ve had some honest time to sit with the album for weeks now. It has made it into my automobile. The most impressive part about this project was the overall flow of it. Individually  Alec Burnright and myself had heard many of the records during various parts of their life cycles. I always liked what I heard and admittedly, it did give me an advantage to grow alongside Team Scene as their sound grew. Colours has really become a nice benchmark of the development of their sound. I’ve been able to listen to this pretty much from front to back several times now and really appreciate the chemistry between Ike and Chase. Sonically, the records touch many different genre’s with a few leading to some very good nods of approval from myself.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, because you really have to experience the overall feel of this production. Vinny Alfano has really come into his own on this one. The album summary is the 100% truth: “Team Scene is a project founded in Boston in 2007 by Erick and Ike. Their goal was to put out a compilation of music that reflected their every day life experiences and aspirations. This is the realization of that goal.” A free download is available below. Share and enjoy.