Living for the weekend, so the youth say wasted. Bars & AKAs is the first solo project from St. Petersburg FL veteran Hagan Lee. When The Nation first came to The Burg, we had the privilege of sharing our first stage with Hagan Lee. fast forward 4 or 5 years and he’s still one of the most respected in the city. Bars…until he said respect don’t pay the bills…in Ascension.

Bars & AKA’s showcases Hagan recklessly verbally destroying 9 cold instrumentals. I always like to think that all the music and art we share on is worth the share and enjoy. 6 years later, we still stand behind our vision. Bars & AKA’s was another gleam of hope that we aren’t wasting our time with this music stuff.

MD out!

Favorite Record: “Ultra Violence”