We haven’t shown Joey Bada$$ nearly are much love here at The Nation, so it’s due time for us to feature another cool record from the NY emcee. Joey, is an emcee, by every definition of the word, and has maintained an authentic hip hop style, despite the genre plummeting to all time lows. The title of this record caught my attention, as we here at The Nation have been on our quest for enlightenment.

Christ Conscious is shorter than I would have liked, but sports a dope instrumental and equally classy visuals to support. Check out the video below and be sure to let us know how you’re feeling about it. If this is your first encounter with Joey Bada$$, then be sure to let us know what kind of first impression his style left with you. Visit CLPNation.com daily are we curate the best creative works from across the internet. Bless!

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If you’ve never heard of Christ Consciousness, I’ve added this quick 2+ hour video on the power of our minds. It’s pretty light watching if you want to be caught up to speed on the subject. Share and enjoy!

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