This record is straight jamming! This is another first encounter, as the team EYRST is brand new to us. Ironically, we just came across this record by way of’s algorithm. Wet! You can learn all about EYRST here. but for now, enjoy the sweet vibes from Skelli Skel’s SXSW Mix featuring a bunch of ill cats. Full credits below:

Original track produced by Fountaine (@itsfountainebro)
Dub mix by Skelli Skel (@skelli-skel)

Featuring EYRST members:
ePP (@eppincolor)
Maze Koroma (@mazekoroma)
Ripley Snell (@ripley-snell)
Calvin Valentine (@calvinvalentine)

Recorded by Skelli Skel in Austin, TX
Additional Bass EmVKush
Mastered by Justin Longerbeam at EYRST Studios (@zarefoss)
Photo by Cash Tuesday
Art by Neill Von Tally (@vontally)

#NowJamming @skelli-skel #SXSW #mix ft @eppincolor @mazekoroma @ripley-snell via…

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