I won’t even lie. I’ve only listened to the intro track on this album and I already know the rest of it is wicked. I will come back and run it through from start to finish. We’ve been behind here at the CLPNation.com offices, so we’re trying to hit you with the meat and potatoes as immediately as possible. Oh lort, Lately just came on. Three fire emojis. Paradise Isn’t Free (EP) is only 7 records long, so it’s an easy one to run through. By the end of this post, I would have gotten through it once from end to end. There are a few surprising genres and styles mixed into this project, but I wasn’t disappointed with any of them. Share and enjoy! Leave a comment, take a trap nap…drink some water….bless up! Sweet baby J that intro track is fire.

Purchase on iTunes: Paradise Isn’t Free – Twondon