Bruh. Cap6 member Intricate The Almighty delivers Portal Jump, an album specially crafted with the help of [offbeatninja] to be best consumed half in the morning and half in the evening. So i suppose I will break it down for you all in similar fashion.


The AM portion of PJ starts off very slowed, with a few gems embedded to wake you up. It seems a bit cynical at first but aren’t we all a little grumpy when we just get up? It picks up in pace and the thought processes get even more complex as the morning progresses and becomes afternoon. I enjoyed the Good Morning Intros, MetalFace, Chill, Reflect & Underdogs the most on first listen.


It’s currently… 9:49AM…. I will be back to update this once I get a chance to listen to the second half later tonight. Please wait for the review and enjoy the rest of Portal Jump.