Why I Won’t Die For Jordans

While the legacy of Michael Jordan is undeniable, I can’t help but scratch my head at the idiocy surrounding the legacy of his shoes.

Without being disrespectful, I need not reiterate the sheer disbelief I’m in when I hear about someone dying in attempts to cop a pair of Jordans. However, sadly, I’ve become nearly desensitized to the concept of potential death being associated with the latest Air Jordan sneaker release.

Let’s explore (from a different angle) this unfortunate symbiotic relationship between one of the world’s greatest basketball players and what it means to own a pair of his signature shoes.


I can spend a lifetime delving into the psychological and socioeconomic triggers that implore one to take another’s life for a pair of sneakers, but I won’t. I can dissect the issue on a monetary level, comparing the actual cost associated with a pair of Jordan’s versus their average prices at retail, but I won’t. I can even blame Michael Jordan and the good folks at Nike for not better regulating these releases to ensure that no one dies. Surely their PR people would breathe a sign of release. Instead, I’ll attack this issue at it’s root…that being you…the consumer.  Read More…