Wiggy. Follow me down the yellow brick road and get a closer look inside the mind of Prez P outta the 305. We recently saw the video for “Neva Love Em” off The Ambiance, and been hooked since. Prez first emerged onto the underground rap scene in Miami with his group Da Camp in 2011 with their mixtape 7 Day Weekend: Campin Out In Da RV. That record was followed by 7 Day Weekend: Bumpin olDCool Da Campilation and VII Day Vacay, which was voted 2012 Mixtape Of The Year by the Miami blog the305.com. Miami New Times recently named Prez P one of the Top 10 Miami Rappers On The Comeup. Much respect to Prez for taking the time out for this interview.

Twitter: @PrezP_BeCampin

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Tell us about Prez P and a little about where you’re from.

I’m from Miami, Fl (North Miami)

Howd you get into music?

I started getting into music more after high school. At first it was more fun and games but as I grew so did the love and respect for the game. I started investing more and more time and effort into this and here I am today.

What’s the most difficult challenge you’ve had to face so far, while making a name for yourself in the music industry?

It’s tough enough just getting out of Miami doing this music thing. I’ve been blessed to be able to travel to do shows in places like Atlanta Texas and New York.

What kind of response did you get from The Ambiance? What is the next project on your plate?

People seem to get into the vibe of it all. I’ve been getting great reviews on it from all types of people, Miami New Times just called it one of “Miami’s 10 Best Music Releases of 2013”. That was unexpected, I’m honored. The project I’m working on now is entitled “Prezidential”.

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Did any one situation influence the song “Neva Love Em”? How did you link up with Unkleluc for the video?

Neva Love Em stems from a few bad relationships that I’ve either dealt with or seen my homeboys have to go through. Strange as it sounds I got a lot of ideas for Neva Love Em from the movie Casino too. As far as the video, Me and Luc have built a strong relationship over the past years that allows us to have conversations about video concepts and easily go out and bring them to life. We shot half the video in Atlanta during the A3C festival and the other half back in Miami.

Do you enjoy working with other independent artists? If so, who are you planning on working with in the future?

Yeah. I’ve worked with a lot of up and coming artists from South Florida so far and it’s been a great journey. I want to branch off and start working with artists from Atlanta and California next.

Name a couple blogs that you like to visit, or that have promoted your recent music.

Hiphopdx is dope. I always check them out and they premiered “Neva Love Em” too. I like complex, rap radar, four-pins, upscalehype and sneakernews that’s a sneaker blog.

How’d you hear about CLP Nation? What do you think?

Browsing the internet. It’s a pretty dope set up.

Thanks for rocking with us. Any last words? Shout out, promo, whatever!

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