and I are huge fans of a feller named Honors English – a witty, thought provoking, no holds barred, change-the-world-if-it’s-the-last-thing-I-do-because-the-rap-Gods-would-have-it-no-other-way emcee hailing from Trenton, NJ. After hearing the Needlz-produced State of the Art album, you might say we became hooked on phonics, enlightening ourselves by studying Honors English. We try to follow his progress and keep as much social contact as we’re allowed. It’s been a while since he made some noise, and usually that means there’s something a-brewin’. Below you’ll find the answers to a few questions we posed to Honors about his recent hiatus and plans for the future.

1. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything from you; what have you been up to? Taking a break or plotting?

Some of both. Mainly plotting. Got a lot in store for this year. Had some setbacks that changed the timing of some of my plans.

2. State of the Art received considerable positive pre-release hype and respectable feedback, but how did you feel about that project? Were you satisfied or disappointed?

When I started State of the Art, my goal was to make [an] Album that reflected the complexities of who I am, and yet still make music that was enjoyable and interesting. The goal was critical acclaim. I think from the people who have heard it, I got GREAT REVIEWS. My internet love is great, I really couldn’t ask for more.

My only issue is I would like to have gotten it to a larger audience.

3. Critics anticipated that Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse would be a changing of the guard in hip hop and force ‘rappers’ to deliver more lyric-driven content – something you’ve been doing since the start or your career. Are you seeing that transition?

No I don’t see any changes just yet. I think that was wishful thinking, on his part and other people following the story. I have seen more of a focus on flow in response to Kendrick Lamar in general tho.

4. We ‘ve become privy to the artist/producer relationship that you and Needlez have developed. Are you still working with him as closely as you did on State of the Art? If so, how does that creative process usually transpire? Does he make a beat and then deliver it for you to write to, or is there more hands on collaboration in developing concepts for records?

I am working closely with Needlz (but some other producers as well) The Creative process usually starts with a sample or a concept. Then I may send him averse and he will comment on the flow or clarity of the verse…he may send me a beat…I may comment on adding another section or some other instrumentation…and we just go back and forth like that until we are both satisfied.

5. Quality vs Quantity? At the current rate that music is being released and appreciated, is it more beneficial to keep up with the times and pump out records one after another, or wait until you can release a more complete body of work?

I’m not sure. I think for me, it would be good to put out more music – which I plan to do. I think everyone has to move at a pace that makes sense with their life. Your fans will get used to whatever pace you set and respect it as long as you stay consistent, from what I see.

Your fans will get used to whatever pace you set and respect it as long as you stay consistent...


6. Favorite pair of sneakers?

Not a sneaker head

7. For whatever it’s worth to you, what would be your ideal brand or company to sign an endorsement deal with?

Any company that resonates with my brand and what I’m about.

8. What’s should we expect next from Honors English? Do you have an ETA?

Not gonna give out any dates, but expect some FIREWORKS. A New Album will be released this year; probably [in] April / May we will start throwing stuff out there.