Acouple weeks ago we featured RVCA‘s 2014 Spring Swimwear line which was highlighted by model April Love Geary. Being the connoisseurs of excellence and purveyors of illness that you all have come to love and appreciate us for, we felt that it would be an injustice to not keep the ball rolling.

This week, is proud to present an exclusive inside look with the stunning April Love Geary. April is currently backed by IMG Models, the world’s  number one international model management firm, so for her to be down for this one on on with The Nation is both humbling to us, and super dope of her. Without further a due, here’s an Inside Look with April Love Geary.

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How were you selected for the RVCA gig?

They found me on Instagram! I have my email under my bio just in case little jobs want to use me. I was surprised ( and WAY too excited) when I got the email from RVCA asking me to shoot their 2014 spring swim line. It was probably one of my favorite jobs I’ve done. TK Anderson, the photographer, was one of the best I’ve worked with so that made the job twenty times better.

Was modeling something you always aspired for or something that you just fell into as results of your image and body type?

I was never interested in modeling, I used to make fun of it when I was younger actually.. But I was scouted at an outdoor movie theater in Huntington Beach (my hometown) when I was in seventh grade. I gave the guy (who is now my agent of almost seven years) my moms email and walked away. I wasn’t excited because I was such a boy and I was juggling around four different sports at the time, but my dad told me “Hey, you might as well try it out, if you don’t like it then you stop and go back to doing exactly what you were doing before.” So I did and ended up quitting every sport, starting online school and I really grew to love modeling.

 Favorite designer?

 Hmm I have three favorites. Christian Louboutin, Yves Saint Laurent and Michael Kors (because I’m obsessed with his watches).

Highlight of your career thus far? 

The highlight of my career so far was probably being able to travel to Australia for work. Not many people actually leave the country, let alone leave their desk from their 9-5 job so I’m very lucky to have had that opportunity.

april love, april love geary, IMG models

Can you name one thing you dislike or disagree with about the modeling industry as you’ve become more familiar with it?

The thing I don’t like about the modeling industry after becoming more familiar with it is the fact that a healthy thin girl could not be skinny enough for runway. It’s almost like the “ideal model”  is a prepubescent girl with no curves. For example, I have hips and a butt and I’m happy with my body. Some women are more curvy than others but that shouldn’t make them “not fit” for the runway.

Describe your current away from work style. 

My style is always changing. I LOVE to wear black and basics. Black skinny jeans, black top, black booties/heels, a black leather jacket and some rose gold jewelry to top it off. I’m always wearing heels though. I mean I’m already 6 ft tall so why not add a few more inches! I recently bought my first pair of Jordan’s and I’m hooked so I can see myself spending a little too much money on some more of those bad boys.

Favorite activity when not on assignment?

My favorite thing to do on my days off is to just hang out at the beach. Im a huge beach bum. I don’t care if it’s hotter than hell or just freezing cold, being at the beach makes me happy. I love to play beach volleyball with my best friend Olivia Karina (look her up on Instagram, she’s a full babe) and laying out for hours afterwards. Give me sand and the ocean and I am one happy girl!

april love, april love geary, IMG models

Once again, big ups to April for sharing her time and insight with us. We hope you all enjoyed this one on one , and we’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop as Ms. Geary’s career progresses. Visit daily for our take on all things creative.

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