Alright, so this tape caught us off guard a bit, as we hadn’t been checking for Wayne for like years now. It be like that sometimes! But, as we do with all greats, we always give them an obligatory listen. Good thing we did. While the days of asking for the “old” Wayne have gracefully come and gone…this I believe is the closest to the old Wayne that we’ll get…for the time being at least.

I don’t want to spoil the tape for you, but here are a few standout components. Overall, it was exciting to see 24 tracks from Wayne. Just scrolling down the tracklist, it was easy to see Wayne sourced some pivotal beats from this year which definitely made us excited to at least hear how he handled them. In regards to rapping, he’s definitely flexing on most of these records, but that’s only upon a 2nd or 3rd listen, at least. Initially, at least after the intro track, which is pure heat, the entire tape is seemingly laden with autotuned Wayne. Why Wayne?! Had Tunechi nixed the tune for about half these records, this would have easily been the hottest tape of the year, easily running #WATTBA our of the arena.  I digress.

Overall, this was a solidly impressive effort from Wayne. Despite how autotuned Wayne has me in my feelings, I knew it was carefully executed to roll with the tide of today’s current sound. No Ceilings 2 is worth the listen, and is possibly whip ready. That intro track though! Mannie Fresh pulling the whole wild aminals sound pack for that ass!

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