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Recently, I got into a brief twitter back and forth on twitter with another major blog director. I probably should post the screen shot here, but I’ll continue to play nice in the sandbox. Follow me now. The discussion started off with me commenting on someone’s positive comment that few blogs actually put forth real content anymore, rather rely strongly on “click bait“. Whether that term means a few sultry shots of the next new internet model “it” girl or a headline so irresistible, we can’t help but click on a post, only to be disappointed that there were no real facts, or even worse…the whole article was just a troll. Don’t forget those thumbnail pictures. Those are the best.

Fast forward and where does that leave us here at The Nation? Truthfully, we’re accidentally on the verge of striking a beautiful balance. We don’t use sensational headlines and really try to avoid the day to day #trendingtopics wave, as it’s proven to be so feeble. We do however intertwine as many beauties as we can find, because it has in fact helped our traffic and has proven to be a good way to reel viewers in and further the chances of a new record or artist getting checked out.

Furthermore, when you think about it, most of these beauties are no more different than your modern day indie rappers. They’ve committed to putting themselves out there for the public to view and judge, most of the time, on their own financial strength, without the help of the machine. That’s something we can never not get behind.

With most distinctions in society however, there is always the good, the bad and the ugly. Nichole Thorne would fall under: The Good.  TheSocial.Agency has her listed as a a model/influencer. If that influence leads to someone appreciating her beauty captured in her photos, so be it. If that influence causes a reader to fap over her shots, and then peep some ill tunes after…so be it!

Like indie music, when tastefully created and bred, no wrong can be done…and we’ll continue to do our best bringing the good to you.

Below are some curated images of Nicole Thorne, who hails from Australia. Oh, and she’s super bad! Respect. Share and enjoy!

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All images courtesy of Yume Magazine & Pray For Sharks

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