Scrolling my FB today, I came across a letter to local rappers everywhere, written by one of the most humble indie artists I’ve had the pleasure to meet, Infinite SKillz. I’m sharing this with you all because there is much to be learned from it, and I’m not the only one who could benefit from this kind of information – even if you think you don’t need to hear it. By the way, Infinite Skillz has an album release fiesta, January 4th. It’s his first full-length retail release since 2007, so be sure to check it out on Facebook when you wrap up here. Cast your pride aside, and get your reading glasses on:

(Download this and more of Infinite SKillz’ music here.)
Twitter: @InfiniteSkillz
Facebook: infiniteskillzmusic

The Letter

Dear local rappers,

I know you think that if you take this one opener slot it will skyrocket your career.

It won’t.

I know you think that if you can get in front of a crowd big enough or meet enough famous rappers you’ll be the next to blow.

Think again.

I know you are telling yourself that what you had to pay for said slot or the lopsided ticket split you accepted is a neccessary step as you pay dues.

Stop lying to yourself.

I say this because I’ve thought some of those same things and made some of those same mistakes.

Meanwhile, some promoters and some venues have profited handsomely off my hard work. I’m not mad at them. I accepted those terms. I’m mad at myself.

But I’m smart enough to do better, willing to work to develop the connections to grind & grow organically, and possess the talent to make all that work matter. Plus my circle is certified. I hope you learn faster than we did.

Infinite Skillz aka The Black Burban
B.A.S.E. Inc Music