Spade Monrow’s submission is 10 days old already. It happens. The record that landed in our inbox, Big Plays, is the intro track to his current mixtape: Two Timbz Down. The project is really and truly fantastic from front to back. It’s such a complete tape, that I honestly didn’t want to limit this post to just one record. Before listening to the tape, I ended up bouncing around his Soundcloud looking for a record with pretty numbers. Below are a couple of my favorite records, but the tape is still a must listen.

No Sleep, believe it or not, reminds me of a classic Eminem type record, with it’s light minimalist bounce. Spades voice really shines on this one:

No Sleep

In keeping current, I had to give I Got The Keys a shot. Well worth it but won’t even spoil it for you by quoting my favorite bars. You really have to listen to the full record to appreciate Monrow’s tact. Respect.

I Got The Keys

Spade Monrow is a first encounter for The Nation, but something about his vibe is right, hence our need for an impromptu spotlight. We’ll keep our ears open for more gems, but for now, do yourself a favor and listen to Two Timbz DownShare and enjoy!