home town hero hmtwn

Personal afflictions. Diverse production. Unchecked braggadocio. Roller coaster flows. Among other things, these come to mind when I stream through Hometown Hero‘s latest album, Without A Cape. The Bluuzone emcee out of Tampa, FL put 3 years into this project, building unique vibes around each individual record. You’ll hear features from NDO, Gat$, Queen of Ex, Crown Marquiss’, Patrick Hughes, She.go, Big Tank, Rebeka Vi, Ari Chi and Jaryd Dollard. Production and mixing credits go to Santos, SW/M, TGDJ, Elgin Louis, Sir Tawrence, Derius Myrick, R.C., Uno, Jarryd Dollard and Scxttie808. My own personal favorites include “Kapital,” “Bluuzone Forever,” “No Lie,” “the Lil’Victories,” “Mind Ya Bid’ness,” “Pay Bills & Die” and “Neurosis.” There is something on WAC for you, you and even you. So press play and catch the vibe: