Firstly, big thanks to Ilhame Paris for our exchange on twitter. If you’re serious about your music, as we are…you’re probably just as guilty as I am of using your social networks to spam your work…lol. With that being said, it’s always dope when real networking possibilities take place on these major “social” networks. I digress. For our first record of the night, we bring to you Ilhame Paris’ latest record: French Kiss, featuring Big Pooh (who delivered a solid verse, btw). I’ve run this record back a few times and I’m digging it. I like Pooh’s feature and Paris most definitely has a voice worth taking notice to. Let us know how you feel about this record and as always…share and enjoy! Don’t forget to check daily for new music from the most creative indie and major artists alike. In the FACCCCEE!


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