The first time I saw this video, I had known that Kobe Bryant had developed much of his game from the great Michael Jordan. When Jordan left the game, he took with him seemingly whole chapters of the basketball users manual, which he helped reinvent and refine. Kobe Bryant…successfully and like no one else could, filled that void seamlessly. I came across the first Idential Plays video by Youssef Hannoun a few years ago. He did a stellar job of piecing these highlights together, which ended up culminating into a fantastic 3 part series. His latest installment, eloquently entitled “The Last Dance” gives us one final look at these two formidable athletes and their attention to detail. Check out   “The Last Dance” below, as well as the first two “Identical Plays” videos. Even if you’re not a hoops fan… which would be dumb anyways… you can still enjoy these awesome highlights. Props Youssef.

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Part III

Part II

Part I