As a sports fan, it’s safe to say that regardless of who you team/ player affiliations are, above all, we love to see a great competitive game. Essentially that means, that there’s nothing better than watching your team’s best compete against the opposing team’s best. Injury definitely takes a severe toll on that, and as many professional athletes can confirm: the wrong injury may leave a career hanging in the balance. Last night during a team USA Scrimmage, in preparation for the upcoming FIBA Basketball Tournament, Indiana Pacers star Paul George severely broke his leg on the back end of chase down block attempt on James Harden. If you haven’t seen the footage, I must warn that it is not suitable for weak stomachs.

Immediately after the injury broke wind on the internet, the 24 year old 6’9” SF received waves of supporting messages via twitter accompanied by the hashtag #PrayforPaulGeorge. The star was immediately rushed to the hospital and some 12 hours later, it was announced by doctors that  “he snapped the fibula and tibula right in the middle of the leg. He’s certainly going to need surgery. He’ll be out for nine to 12 months with this.”  We’re wishing him a speedy recovery and a new line of injury related signature sneakers! Too soon? Shush! Just laugh! 


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