Alright. Here it is. Happy Now? I actually heard a terrible live copy of All Day on SoundCloud before the official version was released. I liked it. The crappy distortion gave a wicked feel to it and I actually listened to it for a few days straight. When the official version dropped, I wasn’t feeling it as much, and to date I can’t pinpoint it.

Well, I guess in regular fashion, Kendrick Lamar follows up a still solid single from Kanye with his verse for the remix. We’re not sold on Kendrick since Rigamortis.

See what we’re saying? That was ill. And this Kendrick feature on the All Day record is ill too, really …it is. But it’s just missing that umph. Let us know how you’re feeling about this one. Share and enjoy, and be sure to comment below with your thoughts. As always, visit daily as we curate on the finest in creative works from across the internet.

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