School shootings causing mass panic, but I don’t get it. They always said I thought differently than most people… I guess. I’ve never been particularly fond of the hype; first-world headlines are something I usually find myself mocking, as they are usually a mockery in and of themselves. Why do we need bulletproof blankets for students? I guess the more pressing question is: Why do schools keep getting shot up?

Shooting… after shooting… after shooting. Is this about gun control? Can you even control gun violence? Who are these perpetrators? Who raised these people? Why do they hate the children? Perhaps they have never listened to the Wu. Conspiracy or widespread occurrences of temporary insanity? Some people think they are paid actors. Others are so absorbed in these tragic moments that they can’t see any further than their blind disgust and hatred for a suspect who was immediately identified and so conveniently apprehended within hours.

Just food for thought: People always seem to worry about the other side of the grass, when their side is just fine. But when something – or someone – tramples on our yards, we seem to completely ignore the bigger picture; we totally disregard the other side, and wholly focus on the draining fear brought on by the trampling feet of the intruders at hand.

We live in a world where the masses are easily swayed by the latest trending topic. Who can air this story the fastest, with accuracy and in the most sincerest of tones? 74 school shootings in a year broadcasted to the world, instilling fear in most everyone’s hearts. You see a shooting on the news, and it immediately feels like you are being closed in; it feels like if you step outside, you and/or your family will become the next headline. After 74, it feels like if you send your child to school – or ANYWHERE – you need to worry. Worry. Worry. WHY?!

Well, since you’re riddled with panic, here’s some good news: There are bulletproof blankets in the works that may protect your children in the event that you worry so much about a school shooting that you manifest one in an area near you. I hate that we need to have these for any reason, but… this is ‘Murika, Land of the Fear.


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