bruus - bring reality uncut utilizing sound

Chicago emcee/producer BRUUS was one of the first artists we involved in our We Are The Nation series. His brash and deliberate cadence was not surprising to me, but refreshing. His mantra – the true meaning behind the name BRUUS – says it all: Bring Reality Uncut Utilizing Sound. It’s been a minute since we’ve thrown up a jam from the homie and about 3 years since we heard a full project. But the renegade emcee is back at it again with “Red Pill,” the lead single from the upcoming project Midnites N Yidnyke (for some reason I love saying this phrase… makes me feel cool af). In between time, he’s been producing-for-hire, he’s had music jacked from under his nose and he also had to figure out how to bounce back from the scrapped project P.A.N.I.C. NOW (which I’m kind of pissed about, because the artwork for that joint was a message in itself… but I digress). This self-produced single and upcoming project finds a more personal and even-more truthful side of BRUUS, hence the title “Red Pill”. FUCK EM, FUCK EM, FUCK EM!!! Burn up and catch the vibe:

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