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Yo. Sometimes when you find a self-produced album, you may find the music and the vocals are not on par. Maybe the vocals fall short of amazing instrumentation. Maybe it’s the opposite and you have stellar lyricism with lackluster production. None of these apply in the case of St Petersburg emcee/producer Mackey Emannuel’s latest album, #TGA. After a long wait, The Goddamn Album is finally here, and it’s as impressive as advertised. If you are a casual fan, I think many of you will want to add this into your playlist with your favorites. If you’re a fellow emcee or producer, you may find yourself scrambling for his contact information for a collaboration. Regardless, I heard this in pre-production and hearing it in its final form is equally inspiring, if not more. You’ll find collaborations from Shan G, Andria Young & Nasja Mone on the project. You’ll hear one of my favorite songs to see performed live as well as a handful of other leaks we have featured here and there. I’m hoping to see some dope videos for some of these cuts real soon. There are already skrewed versions of “Throne” and “I Ain’t Never” – two powerful records from the album; you can hear them down bottom. But enough of what I think, though. Make your own opinion. Catch the vibe: