What’s up, America? One of the many #FirstWorldProblems that plagues me is the painstaking process of logging in and out of Instragram when I want to switch accounts to run various campaigns. Today I’m going to show you how I was able to run two copies of Instagram on my Android device. Then, if you are feeling froggish, you can take the at-your-own-risk leap of venturing into the dark and perilous world of installing awesome applications from unknown sources.


Instwogram: As I mentioned earlier, it really irked me that I had to log in and out of Instagram so much when I wanted to switch between my personal and business profiles. What a pain! A little digging led me to Instwogram, which I found here. First, I enabled “Unknown Sources” in my security settings and then all that was left to do was to download the app, install it and log in! Updated versions of Instwogram can be found here.

Screenshot_2014-07-27-12-00-28 Screenshot_2014-07-27-12-02-27

This app is pretty useful for our needs and we hope you will find proper use for it as well. You should definitely follow us from your fancy schmancy secondary “Instwogram” account once you get logged in. Our username is @CLPNation on Instagram and Twitter as well!