Shout out to Sway. He really is the real MVP. I’m going to rant now.

I can’t stress how difficult it really is to source content for this blog. We’ve held so tightly to only going after quality works to maintain the integrity of the content as well as become viable platform for still aspiring artists of all genres, but specifically hip-hop music. I’m about to type a plethora of swear words, which I will not censor with the following symbols: *&&^%$$##

With the sheer volume of bullshit ASS, booty sweat having ASS, lame ass, fake ASS, wack ASS rappers….searching for quality has been exhausting. If you fast forward to the end of this clip, you can see the sheer excitement of Sway, as he expresses his appreciation for Vic Mensa coming on an absolutely killing his “5 Fingers Of Death” Freestyle. Vic Mensa did kill it. Hands down.

I never realized the level of  talent he possessed, because everything I felt I had heard from him thus far was so over Kanye-ed, which in recent years really just means over Travis Scott-ed. So definitely our apologies for not showing Vic more love.

However, the rest of you booty sweat ass rappers…I HATE YOU. Sway couldn’t have said it any better. Listening to both the RUBBISH you wack artists put out in combination with the RUBBISH demographic of folks who attach themselves and fuel this constantly spinning cycle of RUBBISH, makes me hate what we do and are trying to do with music. From day one, the goal was always to push the creative envelope, and add to the progression of music. From the very first, RUBBISH ASS Fruity Loops beats (and don’t play yourself by calling it FL Studio to make it seem like it’s some legit software….that shit is called…FRUITY…FUCKING LOOPS) we’ve always wanted to leave our impression in the history books. Now, we have to fight off wackness…and booty sweat….with a stick. Booty sweat! I HATE YOU. Share and enjoy this, and if you’re a wack rapper…I HATE YOU.

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